Pain and Symptom Relief

We understand this may be a lot of information to process, if it is, feel free to get in touch directly with your health concerns and we will get back to you with a personalised response to let you know how we can specifically help your condition.

These are the kind of symptoms we have found have been allieviated in some people who have practiced regular Personal Tuning technique:

Pressure on top of head

Pain in roots of hair in scalp

Foggy sight/blurred vision/auras

Brain fog

Concentration or memory problems


Too hot or too cold


Irritable Bowel

Dry eyes or mouth

Loneliness/feel disconnected

Abdominal pain

Muscle pain

Joint pain

Lower back pain

Skin pain or numbness

Fluid Retention


Ringing in Ears

Light and Sound sensitivity

Trouble sleeping



Problems with daily activities

Personal Tuning may be beneficial for people with:


Early Dementia

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Systemic Lupus



Stressed out

Chronic Fatigue/M.E.

We have found some people's diabetes has improved (close monitoring needed)


Parkinsons (some people)

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (some people)

Psoriatic Arthritis

Insomnia (sleep problems)

Immuno compromised

Multiple Sclerosis

We have found hypertension in some people lowers (close monitoring needed)