Refund Policy

The refund policy below is the same as the one within the Disclaimer/Contraindications page.

Guarantee of Refund (minus $20)  I understand that…
Not everything works for everyone. Results can vary.  Because of this, we are confident of improvement of symptoms for MOST of our clients.  So much so, that we will give you your money back (minus $20) if you have no improvement in ANY of your symptoms based on the following conditions:

a)  if you guarantee you have done the technique twice a day for at least 10 minutes for a 3 month period.

b)  if you have any trouble doing the technique for any reason, you must email Suzanne immediately on  We will help you work out a way around your difficulty.

c)  you fill in the 2 questionnaires that are sent to everyone (sent to you at approx 1 month and at 2 months after starting) and submit them within 1 week of receiving them.

d)  Once we look over the answers you supply on your 1st questionnaire. If you have had no improvement in ANY symptoms then (1 month after starting), we will contact you for a zoom meeting (or similar) to check your technique to make sure you are doing it properly.   

e)  if you have no improvement in ANY of your symptoms and at the end of a 3 month period and we confirm in another zoom (or similar) meeting you are still doing all the exercises correctly.  If you are not doing them correctly, you agree to do another month correctly to see if that helps you.  If you are doing them correctly we're all good to refund. Follow the next step.

f)  then you confirm in an email to within the first week of the 4th month from date of purchase requesting a refund (minus $20) confirming a, b, d and e.

We will gladly refund your money (less $20).  We will not refund the money if you stopped doing the technique twice a day for the 3 months. 

This definitely does not mean Personal Tuning takes this long to see changes.  3 months is a good amount of time for a trial period to see the results of any healing taking place if the cause of your symptoms are from what we explain in the program.